The Governor

The Governor of Province is the representative of the State in the Province and responsible for the coordination of the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the Province.

He is assisted by the Executive Secretariat while performing his daily duties.

The Governor of Province is under the authority of the Minister in charge of Local Government.

Responsibilities of the Governor of Province are the following:

Ø  to lead the State organs at the Provincial level;

Ø   to provide advice to local entities in respect of their functioning;

Ø   to advise Districts with respect to the maintenance of the safety of persons  and property;

Ø  to inform the country’s highest authorities on the state of the Province and anything happening in the Province that warrants their attention;

Ø  to convene and chair the meeting of the  Security committee;

Ø  to report on the functioning of the Province and its Districts;

Ø  to monitor the implementation of the adopted program;

Ø  to convene once a year and whenever necessary a consultative meeting bringing  consultative   together different authorities of public organs or bringing together authorities of public organs and leaders of the public sector based in the Province;

Ø  to perform such other tasks within the scope of his duties as may be assigned to him by his superior authorities.

The Governor of Province is appointed by a Presidential Order upon approval by the Senate and removed from office by a Presidential Order.